Getting Started in 5 Minutes

TaskTips is a small desktop application for developers on Mac OSX. It boosts your efficiency with hotkeys and keywords. Save your repeatable terminal commands into tasks, then search and execute them automatically.

All tasks are stored on cloud so that you don't have to worry about switching to different development machines. The only thing you need to do is to install a small search box application (TaskTips Desktop App) on your machine.

As long as you login to the TaskTips desktop application via your account, all tasks defined in your account will be immediately available and you can search and execute from the TaskTips desktop application.

Download TaskTips App

To download the TaskTips desktop application, please go to the download page, input your email address and press Free Download button. The download link will be sent to your email address.

The reason why we require your email address when downloading is that we only share this tool to the small proportion of people who really care about their productivity. We would like to buld a unique community where we can share tips of productivity.

We don't send emails to you often. We may only send application updates or tips you when new features or improvements are available. You can always disable the email notification by clicking a link from the email footer.

Install TaskTips App

Once you have downloaded the TaskTips DMG file, double click it and you will see the DMG window as below:

Simply drag and drop the TaskTips icon to Applications folder to install.

Launch TaskTips App

Go to /Applications folder, and double click that you have just installed. If you haven't logged in, a login window will popup as below:

If you haven't signed up yet, you can login via your Google account directly. Or, if you like, you can create a new TaskTips account.

To create a new account, click "Need a TaskTips account?" link, and it will take you to the sign up page. Once you have created your new account, your desktop application will be logged in automatically.

No matter which way you use to login, once you have logged in to the desktop application, the following search box will popup, in which you can search your tasks and execute automatically.

Whenever you want to search and excute some tasks, just double tap Ctrl key (the default hotkey), and then this little search box will pop up.

Create and Manage Tasks

Double tap Ctrl key (the default hotkey), the TaskTips search box will popup. Pressing Enter key directly without inputting anything into the search box will take you to the TaskTips console page. And then open the "Tasks" tab where you can create new tasks, edit tasks, copy tasks, share tasks and delete tasks.

To create a new task, the minimum information required for a task includes task name and task instructions.

For example, as shown in the screenshot above, I have created a task named "Build TaskTips desktop app" with task instructions:

cd $HOME/jc/tasktips-desktop
open dist

The task instructions are just exactly the same sequence of commands which you would execute in Terminal window manually. That is, when you find you often execute some commands repeatedly, you can simply save these commands as a task in TaskTips console.

Once you have saved the task, you will be able to search and execute this task from the TaskTip desktop search box immediately.

Screenshot of searching task

Select the task and press Enter key to execute this task in a new Terminal window automatically.

If you want to clean the search terms and hide search box, please press ESC key.

Where To Go Next

From this quickstart guide, I hope you have known how straightforward it is to use TaskTips to make your life easier. For more detailed information about different options/preferences and common sample tasks, please see the following documents:

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at any time.