What is TaskTips

As passionate programmers we use terminal commands almost every day, to build projects, deploy products, mange servers and so on. We realised that we wasted so much time on typing the same commands again and again.

For example, you may be familar with the following repeatable commands:

- change to the directory A ...
- change to the directory B ...
- execute build commands to build a project...
- scp the file C to the server D...
- ssh to the remote server E...

Essentially they are specific tasks and repeatable! Each task is done by a sequence of repeatable terminal commands. We started to think hard and see how we could simply index this kind of tasks and execute them automatically with autocomplete.

And then we developed TaskTips app, which makes us use less time to deliver better results magically! We are surprised how powerful the TaskTips app is and how it can improve our productivity significantly, because each task can be defined with almost arbitrary commands in sequence.

How TaskTips Helps

The following chart shows the real data from one of our developers. On average, TaskTips saves him about one hour on every working day.

Screenshot of time saved

Assume your time is worth $30 per hour (it should be much more than this if you are looking for productivity tools), please imagine what does TaskTips mean to you.

$30 * 20 * 12 = $7200

Assume you work 20 days per month, TaskTips can save you time which is worth $7200 per year. You can do a similar calculation based on the value of your time. There is no doubt that you should definitely invest this valuable time to somewhere else.

Try it Now

If you really care about your valuable time, I’m sure you could benefit from it too.

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