User Reference Guide

TaskTips consists of TaskTips Console and TaskTips Desktop App. You mange your tasks in TaskTips Console, and you search and execute tasks from TaskTips Desktop App.

New tasks created or any task changes made in TaskTips Console will be immediately available in TaskTips Desktop App.

TaskTips Console

TaskTips Console consists of three pages:

  1. Dashboard: It shows some useful statistics information about how you have been using TaskTips.
  2. Tasks: In this page, you can create new tasks, edit tasks, delete tasks and share tasks to others.
  3. Sharing: In this page, you can see new tasks shared by others (tasks received) and the tasks that you have shared to someone else (tasks sent).


From Dashboard, you can see how much time have been saved roughly by using TaskTips, what types of tasks that you have executed, most activate tasks and most inactivate tasks.

Time saved by using TaskTips

This chart in dashboard shows how TaskTips has been helping you to improve your productivity. The more you know about TaskTips, the more you can leverage it to save time.

For example, the following chart shows how one of our developers has been using TaskTips. On average, TaskTips saves him about one hour on every working day.

Screenshot of time saved

Assume your time is worth $30 per hour (it should be much more than this if you are looking for productivity tools), please imagine what does TaskTips mean to you.

$30 * 20 * 12 = $7200

Assume you work 20 days per month, TaskTips can save you time which is worth $7200 per year. You can do a similar calculation based on the value of your time. There is no doubt that you should definitely invest this valuable time to somewhere else.

Task types executed

This chart in Dashboard shows what kinds of tasks you have been executing. For example, in the following chart, 71.29% of the repeatable tasks are Terminal tasks, 27.83% of the repeatable tasks are Script tasks, and only 0.86% are WebLink tasks.

Screenshot of task types

Most active tasks

This section in Dashboard lists several tasks that you have recently created or executed. It's convenient when you want to review and modify most recent tasks.

Most inactive tasks

This section in Dashboard lists several tasks that you haven't used for a long time. As things are always changing, it's easy for you to review unused tasks regularly and remove them if they are not needed any more.

Manage Tasks

In Tasks page, you can create new tasks, edit tasks, delete tasks and share tasks. Additionally, you can search tasks from the search box on the top bar of the page, and search results will be shown in real time while you typing keywords in the search box. To share one or more tasks, just click "Share Task" button. All tasks currently listed will be available to choose in the task sharing popup and then share.

When you create or edit a task, you need to specify a few fields for the task. Please see detailed information for each field as below:

  • Task Type: It could be 'Terminal', 'Script' and 'Web Link'. 'Terminal' task will be executed in your terminal window (or iTerm if it's installed); 'Script' task will be executed in the background without showing any terminal windows; 'Web Link' will simply open the link you have specified. Click the icon of task type and select from the downdrop list.
  • Task Name: It is required for a task and also searchable. Therefore, it would be wise to give a meaningful name for easy-to-search.
  • Task Instructions: It is required for a task too, and this will be the commands (or web links) you want to execute in this task.
  • Search Key: If you put a search key for a task, you can use this search key to find this task directly. For more information please see a few common use cases on this page: Web Search Shortcuts.
  • Safe Mode: If safe mode is set to true for a task, all lines of instructions will be joined together with "&&" as the separator. In terminal, it means if one of the commands fails, all the following commands will not be executed. Safe mode can be used only when all commands will be executed on the same machine or same context. If some commands in a task will be executed in a different context, for example, after SSH to a different machine, or login to MySQL concole, then the safe mode of the task cannot be enabled.
  • Project: This field specifies which project this task belongs to. It can be empty.

Tasks Sharing

In Sharing page, you can view and manage tasks received and tasks sent.

For tasks received, you can Accept or Ignore by clicking the respective button. Only when you accept a task shared by someone else, it will be available to search and execute.

For tasks sent, you can see its status - read by the receiver or not. You can choose to achive it by clicking the 'Achive' button.

TaskTips Desktop App

Search and Execute Tasks

Double tap Ctrl key, the search box will be popped up.

Screenshot of empty search box

Input search terms, matched results will be shown in real time. And then use Up and Down arrow keys to select a task. Once the task you want is selected, press Enter key to execute it.

Screenshot of search build desk app

If you want to cancel the task execution while searching in the search box, press ESC key, and the search terms will be cleared and the search box will be hidden.

Go to Console

Double tap Ctrl key, the search box will be popped up.

Screenshot of empty search box

Press Enter key directly without inputting any search terms (keep it empty), it will take you to TaskTips console.

Another way to go to TaskTips console is to select the "Go to Console..." menu item in system tray menu.

Screenshot of "Go to Console..." menu item


To open the Preferences dialog, select the "Preferences..." menu item in system tray menu.

Screenshot of "Preferences..." menu item

Configure custom hotkey

You can define a different modifier key so that we can double tap it to show search box, or you can use a custom key combination as the hotkey to show search box. The hotkey can be configured in the Preferences dialog.


Select "Double-tap" radio button:

And select the key you want to use in "Double-tap" hotkey.

At the moment, only one of Ctrl, Shift, Alt and Cmd keys can be used in "Double-tap" hotkey.

Use a key combination

Another option of custom hotkey is to use a key combination. Select "Use a key combination" radio button, and then select the hotkey field and type the hotkey you want to use to show TaskTips.

Please note a few rules for the key combination:

  • Must use at least one of Ctrl, Shift, Alt and Cmd modifier keys.
  • Must use at least two keys in the hotkey combination.
  • Some key combinations may conflict with other system hotkeys. In that case, please try a different key combination.

Known unsupported hotkeys if no special configuration in place:

  • Alt+Space: As this hotkey is used as a system hotkey for switching input methods, it cannot be used by TaskTips.
  • Cmd+Space: As this hotkey is used as a system hotkey for Mac Spotlight Search, it cannot be used TaskTips.

Terminal Setting

If has been installed on your system, TaskTips will use iTerm to execute terminal tasks. Otherwise, the default will be used.

By default, TaskTips will always a new tab in your terminal window to execute a task. If you want to execute all terminal tasks in the current tab, you can configure in "Terminal" section in the Preferences dialog.

Need help?

This reference guide aims to cover all details of how to use and configure TaskTips. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us now. We will get back to you as soon as possible.